Go Ikki

Feb. 10 (Sun) - Jun. 30 (Sun) 2013

Go ikki is an ink painting artist born in 1956 China Shanghai. He began to learn penmanship from 8 years old, and drawing from 9 years old, and then studied the traditional Chinese black-and-white ink painting from Cho Taiso at 13 years old. Then, although he had studied Chinese ink painting from Koyoku for 20 years, he went to Japan at 31 years old in order to take in what more different. He studied under Yoshishige Saito to study contemporary art and the way of thought. Thereafter He has settled in Japan and opened the new ground in a black-and-white ink drawing. His style is not an abstract art or a representational art, either. There is not such a genre in his art. The world of peculiar mountains and light are filled with the deep moral expression beyond "landscape painting" of the simple monotone, and invite a watching person in the past several thousand years ago or in the far future. He was introduced on the art specialized magazine, newspaper and TV of foreign countries, such as Germany and the United States, and he is continuing the announcement on the national Shanghai art museum etc. or private exhibition. These days, he was introduced as an ink painting artist representing the present age in the exhibition "the world of the beauty produced by sumi and paper " of the Tokushima Modern Art Museum in October last year.
In addition, he produced jigure prints over 40 years old. The jigure print is what he created by using a conputer. This is not a copy of a real work but a complete new one created from the computer in which he input dozens of designs of ink paints and photographs. it is executed 100% by his own sensibility. He used a special printer which was improved better than ever. And printing was done carefully one leaf by one leaf by his own hands. That is what we call 'Original Jigure print'.

We exhibit and introduce more than 20 masterpieces of Go ikki.

Yama no Eneki  ¾¾ Sansuikyokai
'Yama no Eneki' Kokyo
1998, Ink painting, 27.6*68.0cm

'Sansuikyokai' No.0211
2003, Jigure prints, ed.30, 45.5*43.5cm

Yama no Eneki  ¾¾ Yama no Eneki
'Yama no Eneki' Zansyo
1998, Ink painting, 57.8*14.4cm

'Yama no Eneki' No.5
1998, Ink painting, 77.5*34.0cm

Sansuikyokai  ¾¾ Sansuikyokai
'Sansuikyokai' No.0327
2003, Jigure prints, ed.30, 25.5*98.0cm

'Sansuikyokai' No.0322
2003, Jigure prints, ed.10, 25.5*98.0cm

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