Akane Gallery is proud of its high standard works, reasonable prices and a great number of holdings. We support fans in fine arts in the world.

We are proud of dealing only authentic works at Akane Gallery. We are proud of lending our objects out at the leading museums.
We opened in 1989. Akane Gallery is located near by Mishima Grand Shrine in Shizuoka. The Gallery is open to anyone and you are welcome at any time.

'Works we possess'
„ Nishikie (colored pictures) at the end of the Edo era
„ Traditional (Ukiyoe) woodblock prints in the Meiji and the Taisho era
„ Creative prints through contemporary prints such as woodblock, copperplate and lithographic ones
„ Japanese oil paintings, paintings in water colors and in India ink
„ Classic prints and contemporary ones in Europe. etc.
We have a large variety of collection including works possessed at important museums in the world.
Also we have presentable works you can send in memory of someonefs wedding, of starting a business, and of a completion of a new house.

„ Akane Gallery holds permanent exhibition.
„ We never deal anything without genuine works, though there are many counterfeits on the market.
„ 3 missions
1) Research: We make a research on fine arts, especially hanga. We belong to International Ukiyoe Research Institute.
2) Buying & Selling: We search and buy leading works of fine arts for our collection. And we sell them not only to the museums but to collectors.
3) Lending out: We lend works mentioned above to the exhibitions of museums.
For instance, in 2010 we lent out some works for the 'Frank Brangwyn Show' at the 50th Anniversary Event of International European Fine Art Museum.

'Followings are some important painters we deal'
Utagawa Kunisada(the third generation of Toyokuni)
Toyohara Kunichika
Hashimoto Chikanobu
Watanabe Seitei
Ohara Koson
Mizuno Tosikata
Yamamoto Shoun
Tsukioka Kogyo
Takahashi Syoutei (Koumei)
Urushibara Yoshijiro
Yoshida Hirosi
Araki Tetsuo
Fukazawa Yukio
Bando Soichi
Karasawa Hitoshi
Ebisu Syuji
Wakatsuki Kohei
Takagaki Hidemitsu
Nakagome Yoko
Charles Jacque
Theophile Alexandre Steinlen
Honore-Victorin Daumier
Frank William Brangwyn
Ernst Fuchs
Paul Wunderlich
Go Ikki

Mishima Akane Gallery
Representative: Tatara Adviser: Funakura
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